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Vom 26. Oktober - 11. November 2004 fand unser erster Austausch mit der High School Nr. 7 in Hangzhou, China, statt. 7 Schülerinnen und 12 Schüler der Klassen 10-13 fuhren in Begleitung von Herrn Dr. Ruf und Frau Dr. Horstmann zu unserer Partnerschule ca. 200 km südlich von Shanghai. Im Jahresbericht 2004/05 kann man darüber nachlesen. Der Gegenbesuch von 40 Schülerinnen und Schülern, begleitet von 5 Lehrern, fand im April 2005 statt und war ein großes Erlebnis für alle. Unsere Schule wird im Herbst 2006 wieder gen Osten starten. Wir wiederholten den Besuch 2006 und 2008 und freuen uns für 2009 wieder auf den Gegenbesuch.

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High School Nr. 7
High School Nr. 7 Hangzhou

Selbstbeschreibung der High School Nr.7, Hangzhou, VR China

Hangzhou No. 7 High School Admonishment:
" SINCERITY" sincere to discipline ourselves
" DILIGENCE" diligent to manage affairs
" LOVE" love to take everything philosophically

The headmaster: Lou Ping

One Century History Accumulates, Brightness Continues

Hangzhou No.7 High School' s former name was Zhejiang Anding School, which was set up in 1902, the earliest private school in Zhejiang province. Having experienced vicissitudes of life, she made a glorious century by her admonishment "sincerity, diligence, love". The school flows out successively outstanding personages in large quantity, including famous writer Mao Dun, historian Fan Wenlan, cartoonist Hua Junwu, famous translator Feng Yidai, national academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences Ke Zhao and so on.Reminding of the past at the sight of present- day and looking forward to the future, " People of No.7 High School" realize that the term is heavy but the way is far. All the teachers and students will follow forefathers' edification, expand the honorable tradition, work together with one accord and go on writing the gorgeous piece.
For a long time, the school enhances the virtuous education in teachers, initiates a spirit that devotes into a lifelong teaching, a dedication
spirit that does not account the gain and loss, an assiduous spirit that delves into quest, and a gardener spirit that treats students as their sons. The school also tries to create an atmosphere that all the teachers are virtuous to create excellence. She has formed a group of teachers with an advanced conception of education, a scientific teaching method, and a high quality of education.

Carrying Forward the Splendid Civilization, Recreating the Glory

The school owns excellent staff:
There are 147 full- time teachers, among them two are of special classification, sixty are of senior classification, twenty are famous teachers, models, or excellent new teachers of province, two are in the list of "5522", a project for training famous teachers, eight are in city teaching and research section, and seven are taking the lead of subjects of the city.

Advanced teaching facilities:
All classrooms are all provided with multi-media teaching facilities. The school owns classrooms with electrical audio-visual aids, top-grade computer classrooms, phonetics classrooms, and bi-directional closed-circuit television networks system. Campus network connects to CNC ( China Network Communications ), and there is an own website of school.

Top-grade teaching quality:
The school regards teaching as the most important, and puts the mix-ability education into practice. She has formed an advanced education conception to guide education work. With the greater achievement, more than 70 percent of our students entered undergraduate group, and the school joined the group of key high schools.

Clear features of school:
The school has achieved a large characteristic fruit in art education in senior high school. Enrolling rate of undergraduates in art is 100% every year, and 85% of them entered key universities, and over 70% of those students entered China Academy of Art.

The Conception of the School:

Strive for the top-grade management to report to the government Create the top-grade education to repay common people.

Characteristic Art Class, Famous All Over the Country

In 1993, the school established a conception to run a standard and characteristic school, and make students qualified and skilled. And then she took the lead in offering a course in art in senior high school in the city. Up to now, having experienced ten years, she obtained great achievement, placed in the leading level in the whole country. The art teachers of the school are well qualified, among them one is of special classification of province, four are of senior classification of province, and one is one of excellent new teachers of the city. She is distinguished for art education and research, and finds a characteristic and effective way to run the school. Some excellent works of the students reflect the fruit of special teaching and research in recent years, such as the Florilegium of Art Education of Chinese High School Students ---the Chapter of Zhejiang, Hangzhou No.7 High School, the school textbooks Sketches and Color , and five albums of paintings published by Hubei Art Publishing House. The school teaching facilities in art major are on the top grade, and the new art building is put into use. In 2002, the school became the experimental school, a source of students to the Art College of Qinghua University. In 2003, she was honored as generally recognized successful characteristic school in education by the China Education Department.

The Promises of Hangzhou No.7 High School:
With the sincerity and love to each student, the school makes the peaches of today become social pillars of tomorrow;
With diligence and responsibility to do each job, the school makes No.7 High school win a glorious century.

The school pays much attention to the students development of their characters, carries out various colorful activities after class, and obtains great achievements.
- The school dances brigade, as a branch group of the Hangzhou High School Student Art Organization, undertaking many missions of special subject performances for the National Television Station, attending outward cultural interaction activities, wins the extensive recognition.
- The school basketball team won the first prize of NIKE National High School Basketball League Matches in Hangzhou area.